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Our Products-Coco Pith Pellets
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No.of Cavity Production Capacity
Packing Details
1 22mm x 15 to 17mm 5gms 40-50cc 77 Cavities- 2540Pcs/ 6cc
    (4.9-5.1 gms)   7000Pcs/Hr Carton  
2 30mm x 17 to 19mm 10.6 gms 90-100cc 42 cavities-4,200Pcs/ 1200Pcs/ 12.7cc
    (10-11 gms)   Hr. (92,000Pcs/Day) Carton  
3 40mm x 10 to 11mm 10 gms 100-104cc 24 cavities-2,400Pcs/ 1150Pcs/ 13.8cc
        Hr. (88,000Pcs/Day) Carton  
4 60mm x 17 to 19mm 40-45 gms 508cc 10 cavities-1,000Pcs/ 300Pcs/ 51cc
        Hr. (21,000Pcs/Day) Carton  
5 100mm x 20mm 130 (+/-5 ) 1200cc 4 cavities-400Pcs/ 100Pcs/ 157cc
    gms   Hr. (8,400Pcs/Day) Carton  
6 50mm x 16+/-2mm 25 gms 200cc 16 cavities-1600Pcs/ 500Pcs/ 31cc
    (+/- 3 gms)   Hr. (3,5000Pcs/Day) Carton  

Areca Nuts
Areca Nuts are manufactured by us and available at market leading prices. The husk is green and the nut inside is very soft so that it can be easily cut with the normal knife. After the ripening the fruit turns either yellow or orange...


Coco Pellts Disc
The Coco Peat Round Discs that we offer are customized as per the requirements of the clients that exactly meet the sizes of pots, etc..